Acoustic insulation up to 41 dB with ACH 5 Ribs Roof Panels (P5G)

Acoustic insulation up to 41 dB with ACH 5 Ribs Roof Panels (P5G)

  • November 05, 2018
  • ACH

After a new test carried out with an ACH products acoustic solutions at TECNALIA laboratory, different certifications have been obtained. The acoustic solution consists of a perforated metallic sandwich Roof panel with 5 Ribs, 150mm thick mineral wool core type H, 0.8 mm thick outer skin and 0.6 mm thick perforated inner skin.

Indexes according to UNE-EN ISO 717-1: 2013: Rw (C; Ctr): 41 (-2; -5) dB

UNE-EN ISO 10140-2: 2011: Laboratory measurement of acoustic insulation of building elements. Measurement of acoustic insulation against airborne noise, where it has been obtained as a result of ...... 39,6 dBA

Evaluation according to UNE-EN ISO 11654: 1998: Measurement of acoustic absorption in a reverberant chamber, where a weighted sound absorption coefficient of 0.9 was obtained. Classification A.

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