ACH Acoustic Screens and Barriers.

Maximum insulation and sound absorption

The acoustic screens are the ideal element to fight against noise pollution. High levels of noise have harmful effects on human health: sleep disturbance, irritability and aggressiveness, increased heart rate and respiratory ... To avoid health problems, it is advisable to find a material that absorbs and attenuates noise World around us.

That's where our acoustic screens come into play. ACH speakers are designed to eliminate noise pollution from both stationary sources and noise caused by road traffic.

ACH speakers contribute to reduce the harmful and annoying effects of noise on the population by acting as a barrier between the transmitter and the receiver of the noise.

The most common applications are:


Railways, roads and airports.

Public Utilities

Public Utilities: Power stations, electrical transformers, gas control centres, water pumping stations.

Mechanical installations

Generators, compressors, pumps, engines and refrigerators.

Manufacturing and distribution

Factories and other industrial buildings, loading and unloading warehouses, construction sites.

ACH acoustic road screens can be produced with various finishes including polyester paint, PVDF etc., which offer high performance in terms of corrosion and durability.

EN Certification

EN 1793-1

Sound absorption features.

EN 1793-2

Aircraft noise prevention features.

EN 1794-1

Mechanical performance and stability requirements.


Product and profile

Pantallas y Barreras Acústicas ACH

Dimensions and weights

Dimensions and weights

Model Thickness (mm) Weight (Kg/m2)
Standard 80 18,5
100 21,2
Superwind 80 18,5
100 21,2
* Check available certificates with manufacturer
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Mechanical properties.

Model Thickness (mm) Weight (Kg/m2) Span (m) Overload (Kg/m2)
Standard 80 18,5 3,00 240
18,5 4,00 130
100 21,2 3,00 320
21,2 4,00 200
Superwind 80 18,5 3,00 390
18,5 4,00 225
100 21,2 3,00 525
21,2 4,00 300

Acoustic properties.

Model Thickness (mm) Insulation classification Acoustic classification
Standard 80 A4 (13dB) B3 (31dB)
100 A4 (13dB) B3 (31dB)
Superwind 80 A4 (13dB) B3 (31dB)
100 A4 (13dB) B3 (31dB)